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Web3 Foundation launches first edition of Polkadot Buildaton in India



Web3 Foundation, a Swiss Foundation that facilitates a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web in association with Lumos Labs, has announced the launch of the first edition of Polkadot Buildathon: India to build and expand the blockchain developer ecosystem in India. 

“The inaugural edition is aimed to empower and equip the developer ecosystem in India with the right set of information to build a blockchain for the Polkadot ecosystem, thereby initiating mass adoption of this next phase of the Web3 wave in India,” the statement said.

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Founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, the Co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum and creator of the Solidity programming language, is the flagship project by the Web3 Foundation, Polkadot, an advanced sharded, multichain network.

“Spanning over eight weeks, the hackathon will be divided into two phases of four weeks each – the Ideation Phase and the Integration Phase,” the statement added. 

“During the Ideation Phase, the participants will be provided with training workshops to learn basic local node deployment and identify viable real-world problem statements that can be solved on the chain. By the end of the second phase- the Integration Phase, the participants will customize their blockchain solutions adding features that improve their project,” it added.

“The hackathon is open to innovators, blockchain enthusiasts, startups, students, and developers from all over India familiar with blockchain technology, or having worked with the programming language Rust in the past,” Web3 Foundation said.

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“The Hackathon is also looking for developers who can build tooling for existing solutions on Polkadot like Block visualizers, DAOs, etc. It also presents a good segue into blockchain technology for new developers looking to venture into this thriving decentralized technology,” the foundation added.

“The program will be interspersed with multiple meetups, webinars, workshops and will begin with four-week-long ideation support, followed by a four-week-long integration period,” the statement said.

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Speaking on the launch, Urban Osvald, Growth Manager at Web3 Foundationsaid, “As the world heads towards the next (Web3) wave of the internet, India stands at the forefront of this decentralization revolution with its vast developer pool, second only to the USA.” 

“We at Polkadot recognize the true potential of this demographic and are excited to build a strong community that will further our mission to empower the innovators to build better solutions and free the society from its reliance on a centralized web where its large institutions can violate trust,” he said. 

“Our Polkadot Buildathon: India initiative is a step forward in this direction and we are very excited to kickstart one of our many engagements to come with developers in India,” Osvald further added.


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