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Personalized Key For Modern Drivers: KeyDroid CEO Rajat Jaiswal On Smart Car Keys Offerings



In this interview, KeyDroid Founder & CEO Rajat Jaiswal talked about how the company’s smart keys are designed to transform regular car keys into touch screen-enabled smart car keys by using a combination of digital and physical technology for a personalized car keys experience for modern drivers.

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TechGraph: Can you provide an overview of KeyDroid and its personalized car key services?

Rajat Jaiswal: Keydroid is India’s pioneering smart car key brand that aims to revolutionize the car accessory market. While car owners have the freedom to upgrade various aspects of their vehicles, such as alloys, tires, and stereo systems, there are limited options available for upgrading the car key itself. Keydroid recognized this gap and set out to provide customers with a solution.

Keydroid’s personalized car key services go beyond mere aesthetics by enhancing the functionality and user experience of car keys. The brand offers smart key upgrades that transform regular car keys into touchscreen-enabled keys, adding advanced features and functionalities. These smart keys allow for keyless entry, push-button start, and seamless smartphone integration.

In addition to the advanced capabilities, Keydroid also focuses on personalization and customization. Customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of designs, materials, and finishes to match their preferences and style. This allows for a touch of individuality and uniqueness in their car key accessories. We aim to establish ourselves as a one-stop shop for luxury car accessories, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to enhance the overall driving experience.

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TechGraph: What types of car keys can KeyDroid assist with? Are there any limitations or specific requirements for car models or key types?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid is designed to assist with a wide range of car keys, making it compatible with most vehicles on the market. However, there is a specific requirement for the car models and key types that can be upgraded by KeyDroid.

KeyDroid’s smart keys are engineered to be compatible with cars that have a push-button start system. They are not intended to be inserted into a pre-existing key slot. Therefore, customers who have vehicles with push-button start technology are recommended to benefit from KeyDroid’s services.

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TechGraph: Security is a major concern for car owners. How does KeyDroid ensure the safety and confidentiality of customers’ personalized car key information?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid prioritizes the safety and confidentiality of customers’ personalized car key information through a comprehensive set of measures. Firstly, the entire order process is conducted digitally, eliminating the need for customers to provide sensitive information such as their vehicle’s registration number or exact year model. This approach ensures that no direct link can be established between the key received for the upgrade and any specific vehicle.

Instead, the backup team only receives an order number and the key upgrade request. To further enhance security, KeyDroid employs a unique bridge technology during the upgrade process. This technology leverages the original chipset of the car key, enabling all communications to be carried out using the existing secure infrastructure. By utilizing the original chipset, KeyDroid ensures that no codes are copied or extracted during the upgrade.

Moreover, the system is designed to avoid recording any specific information about the vehicle. These security measures significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of customers’ car key information.

TechGraph: What technology or methodologies does KeyDroid use to create personalized car keys? Are they physical keys, digital keys, or a combination of both?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid utilizes a cutting-edge combination of physical and digital technologies to create personalized car keys. Through their innovative “Bridge” technology, KeyDroid seamlessly integrates with the existing key chipset in a vehicle, allowing for secure transmission and operation. This approach necessitates implementing security enhancements within the car’s system to accommodate the KeyDroid interface.

The personalized car keys developed by KeyDroid embody a sleek and futuristic design, boasting a sleek touchscreen interface. This aesthetic and modern appearance aligns with the company’s commitment to providing an advanced user experience. In addition to their primary function as car keys, these innovative keys come equipped with a host of technologically advanced features, enhancing their versatility and utility.

TechGraph: How does KeyDroid handle emergency or urgent requests for car key replacement or repair?

Rajat Jaiswal: At KeyDroid, the company understands the importance of promptly addressing emergency or urgent requests for car key replacement or repair. The streamlined process ensures that these situations are handled with utmost priority and efficiency. When an urgent request is received, the first step is to assess the urgency of the situation. KeyDroid prioritizes cases where time is critical, such as when a customer is locked out of their vehicle or stranded in an unfamiliar location.

The company recognizes the stress and inconvenience such situations can cause, to provide a swift resolution. To expedite the process, KeyDroid has a dedicated team of experienced technicians available around the clock. These professionals are trained to handle emergencies with precision and speed and are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to swiftly address the customer’s needs.

In cases where time is of the essence, the technicians at KeyDroid will immediately replace the car key or fob with a new unit. The company understands that waiting for repairs or attempting to troubleshoot the existing key might not be a viable option in urgent situations. By opting for a new key, KeyDroid ensures that the customer can regain access to their vehicle without unnecessary delays.

TechGraph: How does KeyDroid address the increasing prevalence of keyless entry systems in modern cars and adapt its services accordingly?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid effectively addresses the growing prevalence of keyless entry systems in modern cars by offering a comprehensive and innovative solution. While many vehicles come equipped with standard keyless systems, KeyDroid surpasses these functionalities, providing a wide range of convenient features that enhance both the practicality and aesthetic value of traditional car keys.

One of the key advantages of KeyDroid is its ability to cater to the diverse needs of car owners across various models and variants. Unlike generic keyless entry systems, KeyDroid recognizes the issue of uniformity among keys and offers customized options tailored to specific vehicle models. Whether it’s a budget-friendly car or a luxury sedan worth lakhs, KeyDroid ensures that each key is uniquely designed to match the car’s aesthetics, enhancing its overall appeal.

Additionally, KeyDroid’s advanced technology unlocks a host of features that go beyond the basic keyless entry. By upgrading to Keydroid’s smart keys, customers gain convenience and advanced features such as keyless entry, push-button start, and smartphone integration.

Moreover, the HD touchscreen of the intelligent key can exhibit the owner’s phone number, serving as a valuable feature in the event of key loss or when entrusted to a valet.

In addition to its practical features, KeyDroid focuses on elevating the aesthetics of car keys to a whole new level. Recognizing that keys are often considered accessories, KeyDroid offers a range of customizable designs and materials, allowing car owners to personalize their keys to reflect their unique style and preferences.

TechGraph: How does KeyDroid handle potential challenges such as key duplication or compatibility issues with older car models?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid effectively tackles potential challenges such as key duplication and compatibility issues with older car models through innovative solutions and meticulous security measures.

To address compatibility with older car models that lack push-button start functionality, KeyDroid has developed a push-start kit. This kit brings these vehicles up to the technological standards required for KeyDroid installation, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

In terms of key duplication, KeyDroid has implemented robust security measures to safeguard against unauthorized key copying. Unlike traditional keys that can be easily duplicated, KeyDroid keys incorporate advanced encryption and unique identifiers, making unauthorized duplication virtually impossible.

Additionally, the key duplication process for KeyDroid keys is complex and time-consuming, requiring specific procedures and even the presence of the vehicle itself. This stringent process adds an extra layer of protection against potential misuse or duplication attempts.

Furthermore, KeyDroid’s system is designed to operate independently of vehicle identification, making it highly secure. Orders for KeyDroid keys are not linked to specific vehicle numbers, preventing any potential unauthorized key linking to a particular vehicle.

This further reduces the risk of misuse or unauthorized access to vehicles. By proactively addressing compatibility concerns and implementing stringent security measures, KeyDroid ensures a reliable and secure solution for both older car models and key duplication challenges. Car owners can have peace of mind knowing that their KeyDroid key offers enhanced security and compatibility while providing the convenience and advanced features they desire.

TechGraph: How does KeyDroid handle customer data and ensure privacy and confidentiality?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid handles customer data with utmost care and places a strong emphasis on privacy and confidentiality. The company employs a name-free approach throughout its systems, ensuring that customer information remains anonymous and confidential.

Instead of relying on personal identifiers, KeyDroid operates based on order numbers, key variants, and phone numbers, without linking these data points in its database. These practices assure customers that their personal information is handled with the highest level of privacy and security.

TechGraph: Are there any plans for future developments or enhancements to KeyDroid’s personalized car key services? Can you share any upcoming features or technologies?

Rajat Jaiswal: KeyDroid is dedicated to the ongoing development and enhancement of its personalized car key services, aiming to establish itself as a leading destination for car accessories. The company has already made significant strides in this direction, introducing a push-start system to upgrade older vehicles.

Currently, KeyDroid is actively working on the integration of remote start functionality and a phone app for convenient car operation. With Apple certification, the company has enabled car tracking capabilities, allowing customers to easily locate their vehicles using their KeyDroid keys and compatible mobile devices.

In addition to expanding its key offerings, KeyDroid is launching the highly anticipated Tron KeyDroid next week. This distinctive key features a striking gold-plated design, catering to individuals who seek a standout and stylish accessory for their cars.

Furthermore, KeyDroid is diversifying its product range with the introduction of Nerve, a sub-brand specializing in car perfumes. Nerve offers India’s first aromachology-based car fragrances, providing customers with a unique and personalized scent experience for their vehicles.

Looking ahead, KeyDroid envisions a future of extensively connected car keys, seamlessly integrating with various car functionalities. The company is also actively developing other exclusive products, which will be available for customers to explore and purchase through its website. With a focus on innovation, advanced technology, and customer satisfaction, KeyDroid continues to redefine the car accessory industry and deliver an exceptional experience to car owners.


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