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How To Make Your Vehicle Last Longer



Your vehicle transports you to any destination with ease. Fortunately, you can adopt several simple hacks to boost its chances of reaching its golden years. Effective vehicle maintenance can help you save money over the long haul as it delays a new purchase and improves safety. Although vehicles tend to depreciate with time, you can easily extend the longevity of your car with these basic tips.

Regularly change your oil and filter

Changing your oil and filters will increase your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. On the other hand, ignoring this task can lead to engine malfunctions, including a shutdown. You should note that fixing or replacing a dead engine is often expensive. So consider re-oiling your engine according to your vehicle’s service instructions; this will make it run smoothly, minimizing breakdowns and saving you money. Your car’s filter stops dirt and debris from harming your engine. On average, expect to change a filter after every 15000 to 20000 miles.

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Wash your car

Dirt accumulation speeds up your car’s deterioration; it can wear the paint and impact the body underneath. Scheduling routine car washing can improve your aesthetic appeal and lifespan. The frequency you should wash your car may depend on your local weather, commute, road conditions, etc. Cleaning your car once a week is standard for most car owners. However, you must determine if your vehicle is at risk of quick dirt buildup and wash it as required, so keep this in mind.

Prioritise servicing

Perhaps serving is the most obvious tip on the list. Modern cars are built to exceed their scheduled service intervals; however, you do your engine no favour when you neglect this process. Sticking to the recommended servicing intervals is crucial if you want to keep your car for a long time. It makes your vehicle last longer while improving fuel efficiency, performance, and resale value. Knowing the right tools you need to service your car is also essential. As a tip, buy quality equipment from reputable brands such as CarCareProducts for a wide selection of choices and great value for your money.

Avoid reckless driving

Extreme acceleration and braking put pressure on your tires, reducing their lifespan and increasing maintenance costs. It also deteriorates your brake pads, so keep this in mind. Cruising at breakneck speeds constantly can also damage your engine parts.

Use your parking brake wisely

A parking pawl locks your car’s transmission when you place it in parking mode; this may be cool on a flat surface. However, parking on an incline creates a different effect that can stress the pawl, leading to it breaking or becoming dislodged. Activating your parking brake is a secure technique to prevent your car from rolling away when the pawl malfunctions. Not using this tool wisely can cause the brake cables to snap at a critical moment. It helps to disengage the emergency brake during driving to avoid experiencing problems.

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Maintaining your vehicle is essential. Therefore, following these car care tips can keep your vehicle running for many years.


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