Aisle launches its vernacular dating app for the global Tamil community

India-based dating app Aisle has announced the launch of its vernacular dating app 'Anbe', for the Tamil community both in India and abroad. "The company aims to help Tamil-speaking singles from around the world find long-term relationships through this app," the statement said. Speaking on the launch, Able Joseph, Founder, and CEO, Aisle said, "The Indian audience has always been interested in

M/s Danblock Brakes India acquires foundry assets of JKM Ferrotech from Dynamatic Technologies

India-based precision engineering company Dynamatic Technologies has announced that "It has divested foundry assets of its wholly-owned subsidiary — JKM Ferrotech Limited to M/s Danblock Brakes India Private Limited." According to the statement, "The transaction was concluded on July 22, 2021, for a cash consideration of Rs 70-75 crore." Speaking on the acquisition, Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & MD of Dynamatic

Israeli researchers find a Spatiotemporal Symphony of Light

Researchers from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have, for the first time, recorded the propagation of combined sound and light waves in atomically thin materials.  The experiments were performed in the Robert and Ruth Magid Electron Beam Quantum Dynamics Laboratory using an ultrafast transmission electron microscope. The research was headed by Professor IdoKaminer, of the Andrew and Erna Viterbi

EdTech startup Edvizo secures $1Mn from Inflection Point Ventures

Bengaluru-based edtech startup Edvizo has announced that it has raised $1 million in pre-Series A round funding led by Inflection Point Ventures. "The funding will be used to enhance its technology stack, hiring and for user acquisition & business expansion," the statement said. Speaking on the investment in Edvizo, Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO, Inflection Point Ventures said, "Education is a serious

4 Top Tips to Starting an Ecommerce Business in 2021

As entrepreneurs, we all know how challenging managing a business is. Whether you're into manufacturing, professional services, redistributing, or selling, to keep a business functioning well will take an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, and innovation. After the destructive effects of the coronavirus pandemic and global restrictions that came with it. Thousands of business and age-old companies had to

U GRO Capital, Bank of Baroda launches Rs 1,000 Crores Co-lending Program for MSME

Mumbai-based U GRO Capital has announced its partnership with Bank Of Baroda (BoD) to launch a Rs 1,000 crore co-lending program for Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sectors. Termed as 'Pratham', the co-lending program will allow the MSMEs to avail loan amount between from ₹ 50 lakh to ₹ 2.5 crores at an interest rate starting from 8% for a maximum tenure of 120 months. Speaking on the partnership,

Can Ordinary People Do Anything About The Climate Crisis?

The climate crisis, also known as climate change, is not a new issue. It's one that people have been talking about for years, decades even. 20 years ago, Al Gore was one of the leading voices talking about climate change and how big of an issue it would be. People didn't take him that seriously, but there were concerted efforts to try and reduce the human impact on planet earth, preserving the ozone layer.

The 4 Main Failings Of Improper Business Logistics

They say any chain is as fragile as its weakest link, and that’s a principle that works in many aspects of business life. Logistics, however, is perhaps the most notable example we could use to prove this aphorism. Without good logistics, businesses can fall down, as business productivity, revenue and overall success are heavily tied to time and being able to respond to its limits dynamically. As firms expand and

Car Tech Reduces Auto Accidents, But Drivers Are Still The Biggest Risk Factor

We are blessed in this world with a diversity of innovative car tech that has changed the world. That's not an exaggeration, new car technologies have had a profound impact on the world as we know it, reducing the number of car accidents substantially. Today, we will go through some of the key technologies that have helped with this, but we will also discuss the main underlying risk factor for car

Experts Suggest Electric Cars Are Safer Than Normal Ones

Electric cars have long been promoted and advertised as the saviors of the roads. Normally, this is in relation to fuel consumption and C02 emissions. Electric vehicles produce zero C02 and aren't powered by gas, keeping the roads cleaner, the air clearer, and the environment healthier. However, recent reports have suggested another way that electric vehicles are saving the roads. Aside from the

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