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Modern roulette an online casino: The model for real money



Players don’t have to choose slots to fight for real winnings. They can settle for roulette and become a millionaire in just 10 minutes.

How modern online roulette works

Gamblers will find on request roulette online casino best a large number of emulators. Today, operators of online clubs cooperate with dozens of providers and each company offers its varieties of this table game. The applications differ in design and rules as well as volatility.

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Gamblers who come to casinos for the millions can choose from a selection of popular models. These applications rarely give out winnings, but if they do, a sum of six zeros drops to the player’s account balance.

What kinds of roulette do modern casinos offer

Roulette holds the top spot in popularity at offline casinos. Online platforms also actively use varieties of the game. The rules on the site do not differ from those offered in real casinos. Below is an overview of the main types of roulette, as well as the basic types of betting on them.

The roulette table is a spinning circle with numbers from 1 to 36. At the start of each round, the ball is triggered and either hits one of the numerical boxes or a zero. The numbers that fall out are duplicated on the right-hand side of the screen.

The main types of roulette:

• Classic European. A classic version with 1 “zero”, at hitting which the bet is not returned to the user.
• Unique French. Variety differs from the European one in that on a roll of “zero” the player receives 50% of the betting amount.
• Extreme American. A variant with two zeros. This type is the least profitable for customers; if the ball hits a zero, the money stays in the casino.

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Such games can be found in land-based establishments and actively used online casinos. Gambling platforms have come up with several alternative types of the game:

• with two balls;
• multiple roulettes on a single screen;
• with extra sectors;
• with a missing zero.

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For quick games, it is convenient to use mini roulette. They follow the same rules as the full versions but contain fewer numbers.

Online roulette can be found in the Live Casino and Table Games sections. In the former case, the round is played by real croupiers, in the latter by a computer algorithm.

Types of actual bets

A basic roulette betting option is to accurately guess the number on which the ball will fall. This is a difficult task, so online platforms offer simpler betting options:

• on two, three, four, and six numbers;
• on dozens;
• on vertical rows of three numbers;
• large/small denominations;
• even/even;
• red/black.

The most lucrative roulettes for players are those without zeros or the French version. These games offer a return rate of 98-99%. For comparison, in American roulette, the figure is only 94.6%.

The developers are regularly coming up with new variations of the game. One of the unusual variants is the Age of Gods. It combines roulette with slots. During a random spin of the ball, a bonus level is triggered, in which the user battles for the progressive jackpot.

Note: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.


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