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Bengaluru’s CultYvate Partners With Dhiway To Integrate CORD Blockchain For Sustainable Farming



CultYvate, the Bengaluru-based agri-tech platform and a subsidiary of FARM2Fork Technologies, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dhiway, a leading provider of enterprise Web 3.0 technologies to integrate CORD blockchain technology into sustainable farming practices.

CultYvate, which provides insight into water-intensive crops such as paddy and sugarcane. Leveraging IoT sensors, the platform constantly monitors crop parameters, delivering real-time advisories directly to farmers’ mobile devices. These insights empower farmers to make well-informed decisions, optimize crop yields, and enhance overall agricultural efficiency.

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With the MoU in place, Dhiway will integrate its advanced CORD blockchain technology with CultYvate’s IoT data, creating a robust data management framework. This integration aims to enhance agricultural data reliability and traceability, significantly improving efficiency and productivity across the sector.

“This strategic partnership promises to change how data is managed, shared, and utilized in agriculture, unlocking new possibilities for sustainable farming practices, improved productivity, and heightened economic growth,” the statement said.

Speaking about the partnership, Mallesh T M, CEO at CultYvate, said, “We are excited to join forces with Dhiway to usher in a new era of technological advancement in agriculture. Integrating CORD blockchain with cultYvate’s IoT data will not only enhance the accuracy of our precision analytics but also provide stakeholders with an unbroken chain of trust in the data, creating a more transparent and sustainable ecosystem.”

“The CORD blockchain has been designed to enable authentic data streams at scale, and the agritech use case of CultYvate is a great opportunity to demonstrate the product fit,” K P Pradeep, CEO at Dhiway further added.

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