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Share Market Update: Stock Market loses steam, ahead of US Fed’s rate-setting meeting

Stock Market lost steam after eight sessions of gains as select profit-taking in banking, metals and IT stocks ahead of the US Fed's rate-setting...

Blaming Startups for Banking with SVB is Wrongheaded: Balaji Kridha, Head of Startup Launchpad at Deshpande Startups

In the wake of the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Balaji Kridha, Head of Startup Launchpad at Deshpande Startups, has spoken out...

“Have faith in financial regulators,” says White House on Silicon Valley Bank

Speaking on the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Failure, Cecilia Rouse, who chairs the Council of Economic Adviser on Friday said, "We have every faith...

“Fed likely to raise interest rates,” says Jerome Powell

Federal Reserves chairman Jerome Powell told the U.S. lawmakers that, the "Fed will likely need to raise interest rates more than expected."

GOP Sen. discuss regulatory policy on Stablecoins

Senator Daines discussed the Stablecoins policy and it's framework during a Senate Banking Committee hearing.

“DeFi is dangerous,” says Senator Elizabeth Warren

During the Senate Banking Committee hearing on Stablecoins and DeFi, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said, "DeFi is the most dangerous part of the crypto...

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