Lime’s to launch e-scooters in Ontario, Canada

Lime, the dockless bike and scooter company has announced the launch of it’s e-scooter services in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

In order to actualize it, Lime has partnered with the University of Waterloo. After the launch, Lime will become the first company to offer e-scooter services in Canada.

In a statement issued by Andrew Savage, Lime’s vice president of strategic development has said “Over the past several months, we have spent time in Waterloo to understand how our e-scooters can help this progressive city reach its smart transportation goals”.


“We are committed to meeting the unique needs of cities across Canada and are excited to continue expanding our global footprint,” he added.

According to a recent report published by Canadian newspaper ‘The Globe and Mail’, Toronto transportation leaders are hesitant to invite e-scooter startups in the city.

How ever it is interesting to see, that how Lime performs in Waterloo


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