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Twitter’s early investor backs the U.S based neobank Aeldra



Palo Alto-based leading neo-bank, Aeldra has announced its second round of investment from Twitter’s early investor Greg Kidd.

Kidd was among the first investors in Aeldra when it was launched.
Aeldra enables Indians who do not have a Social Security Number or a visa to open a U.S. bank account digitally on their mobile in ten minutes from India, with only an Indian passport as document proof. All customers have access to a Mastercard global debit card.

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Kidd has also been an early investor in Twitter, Square, Robinhood, Ripple, and Coinbase.

Speaking on the investment round, Gerg Kidd said, “I have been looking at global trends in finance for two decades and Aeldra uniquely provides cross-border banking to one of the largest markets. This is extremely complex. Sukeert and Aeldra’s leadership team has the credibility, vision, and ability to do this,” he said.

Commenting on the fundraising, Sukeert Shanker, CEO of Aeldra said, “Indians are a global powerhouse. Our customers in India are global in their overall outlook, but they still cannot get a U.S. bank account. We are the only fin-tech platform to offer U.S. bank accounts to Indians in India.”

“We have the support of regulators, top investors, and high profile Indian CEOs in the U.S. Greg, being the true visionary he is with his belief in global access to financial service, is an incredible source of strength for Aeldra,” he added.

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