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How Power Automate is an industrial revolution for business automation



Time and again, we have seen how automation has reaped benefits and transformed business operations. It has helped companies use technology to enhance efficiency and improve the bottom line. More and more businesses are leveraging tech to automate high-volume, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks and unseat employees for human-centric projects.

Companies are swiftly moving towards automating their processes and optimally allocating resources. The idea of using software to automate business operations is gaining momentum as the practice reduces errors, saves reworking efforts, and increases productivity; positively impacting the company’s top and bottom line.

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Harnessing the Power Of Power Automate

With automation in place, companies no longer need multiple tools to manage and oversee their tasks. One set of well-defined instructions, software, or tool is enough to execute mundane tasks and minimize manual effort. One such smart, lightweight, and powerful tool is — Power Automate.

Power Automate: The next big thing?

Experts believe Microsoft’s new tool is changing the way businesses used to manage day-to-day activities. Power Automate made something possible that was once seen as unachievable — It put automation in the hands of everyone.

No matter if one can code or not. No matter how strong or weak one’s programming knowledge is. The tool is designed for everyone. The cloud-based software enables businesses to develop automated workflows across multiple applications without the need for a developer.

With preloaded templates available at their disposal, users can automate mundane tasks with ease. Moreover, if ready-to-go templates don’t go with business requirements, users can custom-build workflows. The tool’s low-code, easy-to-use, and drag-and-drop interface make it convenient to make tailored workflows.

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It is because of features like these, experts believe, Power Automate is taking the industry by storm. More organizations are getting drawn by its ability to execute multiple projects with little or no human intervention. It is making the task of managing the business processes seamless and efficient.

Automate or die trying

Automation has gone mainstream. Automation has illustrated a great impact on businesses’ strategies and decision-making. Therefore, the question has gone beyond: “whether to adopt automation or not?”. The more relevant question is: “when and how quickly to implement it?” In business, the race is against time. And if timeliness and innovation are leading the business, then automation is enabling it to become agile, fast, and scalable.

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With businesses understanding the gravity of automation, they are hysterically looking for products and services that can help them automate. Among other products, Power Automate comes as a safe choice. The reason? It’s inclusive.

Inclusive in the sense that it works well for all — Coders and non-coders alike. The programming knowledge might come in handy, but that’s entirely optional. Even things that one “can do using code, can also be automated using flows,” says Gartner quoting a user.

In addition, the tool’s ability to integrate well with Microsoft and other non-Microsoft products gives it an extra edge. It provides the flexibility that is required to build the flow of the user’s choice and the ability to schedule the flows.

There are always two sides to the coin

Recurring user actions — data collection, file synchronization, sending and getting notifications, and more — can be transformed into automated workflows using Power Automate. These actions can either be scheduled or triggered manually.

From automatic email alerts to updating rows in a database, the tool has a lot to offer. And its user-friendly interface further smoothens the process. But this advantage often gets turned into a disadvantage.

“Since the functioning rests heavily on the user interface, sometimes to do a few trivial things, it may take a lot of time,” a user was quoted as saying by Gartner.

“While this is something a veteran developer would hate, for someone who isn’t a developer, this might not be a big issue,” the user added.

In Nutshell

From an optional feature, automation has transversed into a necessity. Today, no firm can build, market, or deliver its product without going digital. Experts believe digital transformation is difficult without automation, and automation is hard to achieve without proper processes in place, enabled by the right tools.

Over the years, the cloud engine has helped companies improve agility, create internal and operational efficiencies and drive product functionality. It has enabled ‘Citizen Developers (people who are not professional coders)’ to improve their everyday work, and program workflows for their purposes. In addition, the tool has several connectors for connecting to external services. Businesses, however, should know where the tool performs best and where its limits lie.


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