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Dubai Expo 2020 Lifetime Opportunity For Indian Students



Volunteering improves an individual’s talents while also allowing them to give back to society and contribute to the creation of a lasting legacy for the UAE and the rest of the globe.

30,000 volunteers will serve visitors and participants as part of Expo 2020’s volunteer program, with assignments depending on talents and interests. On the Jubilee Stage, a group of 50 volunteers representing their peers was honored in a moment of recognition and global joy at Sunday’s headline event.

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Exhibit 2020 will give university scholars a formerly- by-a-lifetime educational experience, with 192 nations displaying the stylish of what they’ve to offer in one admiration-inspiring place. Scholars will engage with professionals, explore other career pathways, and learn how to unite to induce results for a brighter future through three-day educational programs centered around five subjects.

Trades, Architecture & Design:

Exhibit 2020 will bring together some of the most talented artists, engineers, and contrivers from across the world. Allow ultramodern masterpieces to inspire you during this formerly- by-a-lifetime hassle in a world-class creative playground.

Business & Entrepreneurship:

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Businesses and entrepreneurs must unite further than ever ahead to bring about positive change throughout the world. Examine how these trailblazers plan to make the most difference in their communities, businesses, and countries.

Engineering & Construction:

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Discover how sustainable practices, digital technology, and new business models are transubstantiating engineering and construction. Develop new respect for the erected terrain and be motivated to contribute to the unborn metropolises.

Innovation & Technology:

Take a look at the world’s most fascinating technologies and innovative inventions, from 5G to AI and green tech, and get a peep at the future you can help shape.


Our earth is our common home, and addressing the issue of sustainability will need common trouble. Exhibit 2020 will bring together some of the world’s most forward- allowing leaders and environmentalists to bandy ideas, stylish practices, and innovative results.

Exhibit 2020 Dubai Externship occasion for scholars at India:

Through an externship program, Indian scholars in the UAE can get involved and work for the India kiosk at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Exhibit 2020 Dubai will be a formerly- by-a-lifetime event, a six-month festivity of creativity, invention, humanity, and transnational societies. It’ll be a chance to make new connections and revitalize old bones, as well as a time to be inspired by the amazing conditioning schedule and do business. Artists and academics, pop stars and forward-allowing thinkers, culinary wizards, and commercial exponents, IT ninjas, and hereafter’s leaders will all be present at Expo 2020.

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), an assiduity association in India, is seeking operations from Indian scholars aged 16 to 25 in the UAE for a 14- day externship program at the Consulate General of India in Dubai.

Exhibit 2020 Dubai is also a chance to bring the world together in a spirit of stopgap and sanguinity, and to contribute to the shaping of a better post-pandemic future by inspiring fresh and imaginative results to some of the world’s most critical enterprises.

Exhibit 2020 Dubai’s main theme is supported by three sub-themes.


This study looks at how to tap into the eventuality of individualities and communities to help design a brighter future. Education, employment, new diligence, fiscal capital, and government are all included.


Transportation, trip and disquisition, particular mobility, logistics, and digital connection are all sectors where the focus is on the better and further productive movement of people, products, and ideas.


This includes technologies and practices that conserve our ecosystems, as well as effective resource operation and addressing the consequences of climate change, all of which will benefit unborn generations.


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