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Interview: DCI CEO Venkatesh C.R. says, “Digital service business to remain as the brightest industry in the Indian marketplace”



In a conversation with the TechGraph editorial team, Venkatesh C.R., CEO of Dot Com Infoway, said: “I think digital service business will remain as the brightest industry in the Indian marketplace.”

TechGraph (TG): Before we start the interview, can you let our audience know more about: What is Dot Com Infoway, and why it is different from other service providers?

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Venkatesh C.R.: Dot Com Infoway is an IT company that delivers a wide range of mobile and web solutions. These include but are not limited to mobile app development and digital marketing. We’ve been in operation since 2000, and throughout that entire course of time, we’ve always stayed true to our goal of attaining a lasting status as one of the top IT companies in India. 

A number of factors make our company stand out, but the best ones are probably the relatively extensive experience we’ve already acquired, our reputation as a one-stop provider of tech solutions, and the unique processes we use to deliver them. 

TG: What are the industry challenges you have observed that coerced you to jump into the IT and digital service business?

Venkatesh: Admittedly, I started in the tech industry more out of my passion for innovation. So, for me, my entrance into the IT field is largely a voluntary one. That said, I immediately realized the shortcomings inherent in the industry when I was just starting. 

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Back then, the internet wasn’t well-known yet and a lot of businesses were quick to shun it. So it’s more the challenge of driving the internet’s growth in my region and country that motivated me. 

Additionally, during that time, I was also aware that the industry is already showing plenty of promise, so I have my entrepreneurial instincts to thank as well, I suppose. 

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TG: What according to you is the scope of digital service business in the Indian marketplace?

Venkatesh: I think it will remain as the brightest industry in the Indian marketplace. What’s great about its scope is that it’s continually growing over the years, and trends are showing that it’s not showing any signs of leveling out or decreasing any time soon. 

India is already adopting the latest technologies (with IoT being the most prominent), and the digital healthcare market alone is slated to expand exponentially over the years. 

We also don’t need to look further than the still expanding mobile app development field in the country to see that the scope of digital services is already far-reaching.

TG: Could you please shed light on DCI’s product portfolio?

Venkatesh: I believe the projects and products included in the portfolio speak for themselves. It shows that DCI does not have a single sheet anchor and that we try to diversify our services as much as possible. 

The portfolio also readily reveals the versatility of our development and marketing team. It exhibits our desire to tackle new challenges, regardless of their difficulty. 

TG: Is there any plan to enter new verticals too? 

Venkatesh: If you’ll look at our history, you’ll know that we are always open to entering new verticals. You can’t remain stagnant in a field that has such a continually growing horizon, which is arguably its unique trait. 

TG: What is the roadmap of the organization going forward?

Venkatesh: We’ll always remain committed to expansion because it’s always been one of the main ingredients of our recipe for success, so to speak. This includes adopting newer technologies and honing our services to provide better customer satisfaction. We are also focused on addressing the concrete challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. 

TG: Lastly, as a time of crisis, there have also been opportunities for change. Are you optimistic about the post-COVID-19 world?

Venkatesh: The fact that we are continuing to provide our services to clients and tackling head-on the immediate problems posed by the pandemic should readily reveal the amount of optimism I have. I consider it a privilege to work in a field that could very well shape the world we are all going to live in once we overcome COVID-19.


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Krishna Mali
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