“The crypto realm could transform into a more impactful space,” says Shrikant Goyal of GetFive

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Speaking to TechGraph, Shrikant Goyal, Co-Founding Member & Managing Partner at GetFive said, “The crypto realm could transform into a more impactful space with blockchain getting into the thick of things.”

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Could you help give a sense of how far GetFive has come since its existence?

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Shrikant Goyal: Getfive offers a bouquet of five financial services every startup or MSME company requires. A highly experienced team backs the services in each verticle. Since Inception, we have served more than 200+ startups and MSMEs.

How is GetFive utilizing its sectoral expertise to help startups reach their goals?

Shrikant Goyal: Getfive helps startups in multiple ways. From identifying customers to identifying the market to drafting the pitch, business model, and valuation, team Getfive works as an associate and partner rather than a consultant. Along with arranging equity and structure finance for startups and MSMEs, we utilize our vast network of IT companies help startups to with the best possible technical tie-ups. We also help startups connect with established industry players who can help them in the market and strategic tie-ups. We have multiple examples to support all the claims.

How are Web 3.0 & Blockchain transforming the startup ecosystem? Do you think the trend had taken hold even before the crypto-induced disruptions?

Shrikant Goyal: Blockchain-powered web 3.0 holds a promise to realize the Internet’s transition from its information-centric model to a user-centric decentralized model. Web 3.0 envisions cutting the big tech influence by offering decentralized social networks, browsers, data storage, computation, video and music streaming, content monetization, banking services, cloud-based payments, and others to create decentralized ecosystems across industries.

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Web 3.0 networks offer a fast, convenient, and community-governed financial services ecosystem to enable receiving or sending of funds, automated cryptocurrency transactions, better collaboration between insurers and brokers, secure crypto wallets, and prediction markets.

The crypto realm could transform into a more impactful space with blockchain getting into the thick of things. And leading crypto exchanges like CoinSwitch Kuber may spearhead this evolution, making crypto a far bigger word than just a productive form of investment. UK-based Cashaa provides a single platform to manage fiat and crypto assets to accelerate the consumer adoption of blockchain services.

What are the new trends in the startup ecosystem?

Shrikant Goyal: Startups in India have grown remarkably over the years. Supported by favorable demographics, increased startup investors, government initiatives, and increasing mobile penetration, India has the world’s 3rd largest startup ecosystem.

So of the trends, the startup ecosystem is undergoing is A larger investment pool Technology-led startups and their solution offerings played a vital role when the pandemic caused billions of businesses to transform their operations digitally. Among the key technologies adopted, cloud computing proved to be the clear winner. It quickly became the primary infrastructure for millions of people working and learning from home.

The surge in demand for cloud software led to big returns, which will continue well into 2022. As cloud computing continues to be the preferred mode of operations, VCs will look to increase their investments in B2B tech startups driving cloud solutions across sectors.

A transformed deep-tech ecosystem

The use of deep tech has become more of a need than an option. A new Indian deep-tech ecosystem is emerging, driven by innovation, and fueled by investors with significant investment in the sector. With healthcare, education, industry, manufacturing, and others increasingly adopting the tech ecosystem in their operations, it is safe to say that India is the next deep-tech hotspot.

A bigger and stronger unicorn club

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India is becoming the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystem. As of May 5, 2022, the Indian startup ecosystem is the world’s third-largest, with a home to 100 unicorns with a total valuation of $332.7 billion. According to the ministry, in the first four months of 2022, India has given birth to 14 unicorns with a total valuation of $18.9 billion.

Collaboration between corporates and startups

Partnerships between startups and large global corporations are critical to the advancement of technological innovations. This association is essential for the long-term growth of businesses of all sizes. With more B2B startups eyeing global expansion, they need access to large-scale infrastructure and support. Large corporates can provide this to a great extent, which will help these startups access the pool of data they have.

While researching on GetFive, our editorial team stumbled upon that there are different services available on the platform. Can you explain more about them to our readers?

Shrikant Goyal: We are a boutique Investment Banking and M&A Transaction Advisory firm and a one-stop shop for all financial & advisory needs of startups & MSMEs poised for growth.

Getfive helps the organization gain Actionable Financial Insights to unlock long-term sustainable growth, Business transformation, and strategic financial decisions while working with them as a trusted growth partner bringing the best professional expertise to the table.

Fund Raising: When raising capital/loans, whether it be investment capital, to finance an acquisition or a merger, or to fund a new project or an expansion, the goal is to ensure that every transaction they advise on results in the optimal mix of 3 Cs – Cash, Certainty & Chemistry.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Getfive offers end-to-end M&A services that include M&A Strategy, Due Diligence, Valuation, Integration Planning, post-close Execution, Incremental Optimization, and Joint Venture Consulting.

Transaction Advisory: Getfive advises clients (strategic and financial buyers, sellers, and lenders) throughout the transaction life cycle, covering domestic and cross-border transactions. Their unique value proposition lies in maximizing return by leveraging the power of their analytical insights and diverse professional backgrounds.

IPO Readiness: Getfive Team offers a free assessment of how well prepared your business is for an IPO, with particular attention to the accounting and financial aspects. The evaluation gives the company’s Board and its advisers an understanding of practical steps to assist the IPO process.

Start-Up Advisory: Start-up advisory helps get a growing startup scale. The services offered under this head include valuation advisory services, business intelligence and investigations, ESOP advisory, transaction advisory services, and business coaching.

How do you see technologies namely Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with regards to their relevance across the startups? What does the future look like?

Shrikant Goyal: Cloud computing has made AI and machine learning accessible to many startups, which has become even more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using these emerging technologies effectively can help startups work faster, better, and smarter.

Additionally, cloud computing has opened new avenues for companies to tap into AI and machine learning more quickly and affordably. AI and machine learning can also play a role in improving the customer experience.

Businesses can use these technologies to process data quickly to generate insights and create better products for customers faster. Over the upcoming years, the demand for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to grow sustainably across all domains and will have a direct impact on our lives and society.

What is the roadmap for GetFive going forward?

Shrikant Goyal: At present, we are witnessing a lot of equity as well as M&A tractions in the Indian market. People have realized that they must consider innovative financing solutions and look at mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy. We at Getfive are committed to such growth and consult our clients to take an active part. Our road map is to become one of the most admired and trusted full-fledged investment banking firms in India.

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Editor of TechGraph.

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