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All You Need to Know About Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens



One of the most vulnerable sections of society, senior citizens essentially need a best-suited health cover. Our elders are sensitive and, in many cases, need immediate medical attention—be it a sudden need for daycares, hospitalization, or therapies. That’s where opting for a suitable health cover for senior citizens comes as a boon.

But, the availability of different types of plans, inclusions, and merits may confuse you when choosing the perfect policy. Here is your step-by-step guide to help you buy health insurance for senior citizens.

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Check and Compare the Insurers Available

Once you start to explore senior citizen health covers, you will be amazed by a lot of options. Unsurprisingly, every provider claims to be the best. How do you decide?

Research, Analyze, and Buy.

To begin with, research and comprehend the offerings and plan details as offered by numerous different providers. Proceed by comparing and considering critical factors like coverage, network hospitals, claim settlement process, and more. The government imposes certain guidelines for insurers offering senior citizen health insurance; make sure you are aware of them.

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Understand the Terms & Conditions

Though this might sound rudimentary while buying medical cover for senior citizens, understanding terms and conditions thoroughly are more important than you think. It can save you from possible frauds, pocket burnouts, moral hazards, or possible misinterpretations. IRDA also suggests reading the terms and conditions carefully to understand the policy details completely.

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Ensure it Meets Specific Needs

Consider a situation where you have a senior citizen at home with a chronic heart condition, but your medical insurance for senior citizens does not include any heart conditions. What good is this medical insurance, then?

That’s where mapping the needs and inclusions of insurance plans plays a pivotal role. Considering what all could possibly be required, and mapping it with inclusions in the senior citizen medical insurance you are buying, can save you plenty of bucks. Additionally, this plays a major part in hospitalization, daycare, diagnosis, and other critical medical conditions.

To avail the proper benefit of well-matched medical insurance, one can also avail of the feature of profile evaluation from some providers to map the exact inclusions.

Genuine Provider

Once you dive deep into the senior citizen policy, you will come across questions like, is this provider genuine? Am I buying from the right provider? Will it provide me with the necessary support in crucial times? Just follow a simple approach to reach your right provider. Here are some of the factors that explain authenticity in insurance providers:

  • Valid IRDA Registration
  • Cashless Facility
  • Hospital Network
  • Tax Benefits

You can consider buying from real agents or an online portal. One such reliable senior citizen health insurance provider is Care Health Insurance- offering comprehensive health plans that cover the most critical needs of the elderly population. But always keep these things in mind while buying or applying for medical insurance for senior citizens-

  • Check and read documents carefully.
  • Be responsible and aware of the mode of payment you are paying from, especially in online payments.
  • Always keep a backup plan with valid legal documents, copies like a receipt, and inclusion details.
  • Ask the right questions at the right time, and don’t let your doubts linger until the last day of buying medical insurance for 60+.

These can surely help you get on board with the right provider and mitigate the chances of any possible fraud and misguidance. To further ease buying medical insurance for senior citizens, buy it from trusted providers such as Care Health Insurance. Buying from reliable insurers with a high claim settlement ratio promises credibility and authenticity during policy issuance.


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