Pregnancy health app iMumz Rs 2.2 crore from Enzia Ventures, AngelList, and Titan Capital

India based pregnancy healthcare app iMumz has raised Rs 2.2 crore in its new round funding from Enzia Ventures, AngelList, and Titan Capital.

Founded by Ravi Teja, Akondi Mayur Dhurpate, Rajesh Jagasia, and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, iMuz is supported by 1000+ obstetricians and has delivered more than 100,000 healthy babies to-date.

“The company will use the fresh round funding for global business expansion,” the statement said.

Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, Rajesh Jagasia, Ravi Teja Akondi, Mayur Dhurpate from L to R. Except Dr. Narendra Malhotra – Spouse of Dr. Jaideep, rest are co-founders of iMumz.


Speaking on the investment, Co-founder Mayur Dhurpate talks about the app’s ease of use and technical features saying “iMumz program has become the most popular pregnancy program in India due to its elegant UI and also its gamified approach of Baby Score for mothers and fathers to track how healthy the environment for the baby is. We have also built a powerful chat engine and live streaming feature which hosted 160+ senior doctors post-Covid Lockdown, and answered 50,000 questions during those tough times”

“We are seeing a huge demand for an iMumz equivalent post-pregnancy from our users. We will be releasing the iMumz app for new mothers and fathers on the 20th of Jan, 2021 in India. This will take into account postpartum depression – the difficult period for mothers and will also have a Baby Growth Program – playful activities for brain development, the movement for the newborn. We are also moving towards a powerful personalization of the program for the expecting and new mothers through their health information,” Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, Senior gynecologist and Ex-FOGSI president said.

Bipin Shah, Partner, Titan Capital, “We believe in the diverse team of iMumz. They are on a very focused trajectory to become the ‘Go to platform’ for pregnant women by helping them in their journey. Clearly, this is a large market globally. To date, iMumz created a huge impact in 100,000+ pregnancies and all set to launch in global markets”

“In the current scenario, the Indian society has taken a 360 degree turn when it comes to health and wellness. People are more determined towards their mental and physical health, especially expecting mothers. In such an evolving country, apps like iMumz are the need of the hour and we are glad to have invested in iMumz as these modern applications are filling the gap with the much-required wellness awareness,” Karuna Jain, Partner of Enzia Ventures added.

The company is also planning to launch its service in United States, in March with its customized wearable devices to provide suggestions based on the wearable data for every pregnancy.


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