Topics: G20 Leaders

G20 Declaration on Healthcare: A Step Towards Global Health Resilience

The G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration has brought healthcare to the forefront of global discussions, emphasizing the need for resilience, equitable access to medical...

G20 and Technological Innovations for Environmental Solutions in the Era of Web 3

The Group of Twenty (G20) was initially established in 1999 to promote international financial stability and economic cooperation. Over the years, its agenda has...

G20 India: PM Narendra Modi holds bilateral talks with Italian PM Giorgia Meloni

The Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi on Saturday held bilateral talks with the Indian counterpart Giorgia Meloni during the G20 Summit. In a post...
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President Emmanuel Macron discusses the COVID-19 pandemic with G7 members by video conference

France President Emmanuel Macron holds meeting with G7 leaders by video conferences to discuss international coordination of the coronavirus response.