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Emmanuel Macron Govt Survives No-confidence Motion in Parliament

French President Emmanuel Macron survived a no-confidence motion in parliament on pension reforms by nine votes.

UK & France Jointly Announced To Train Ukrainian Marines

Addressing the press during the United Kingdom (U.K) and France Summit, Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the UK said, "We have agreed to train...

Live: Emmanuel Macron & Rishi Sunak Holds Join Press Conference

UK-France Summit: France President Emmanuel Macron and British PM Rishi Sunak Holds Join Press Meet in Paris.

India’s export-import ecosystem needs robust logistics support: Nisschal Jaain, CEO of Shypmax

India’s burgeoning export-import ecosystem requires robust logistics support.

ideaForge bags the largest mini-VTOL UAV defense contract from Indian Defence

In the Union Budget of 2022, the Indian Government announced that 68% of its Defence Capital Procurement budget would be reserved for domestic organizations....

“I stand by it..” French President on ‘Piss off’ the unvaccinated comment

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he fully stands by his "Piss off" comments he earlier made for the unvaccinated peoples. Speaking to the reporters...

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