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Emmanuel Macron Govt Survives No-confidence Motion in Parliament

French President Emmanuel Macron survived a no-confidence motion in parliament on pension reforms by nine votes.

UK & France Jointly Announced To Train Ukrainian Marines

Addressing the press during the United Kingdom (U.K) and France Summit, Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the UK said, "We have agreed to train...

Live: Emmanuel Macron & Rishi Sunak Holds Join Press Conference

UK-France Summit: France President Emmanuel Macron and British PM Rishi Sunak Holds Join Press Meet in Paris.
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President Emmanuel Macron discusses the COVID-19 pandemic with G7 members by video conference

France President Emmanuel Macron holds meeting with G7 leaders by video conferences to discuss international coordination of the coronavirus response.

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses the nation on ‘COVID-19’

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron on Monday addressed the nation on the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country and the rest of the...

TG TV: President of France, Emmanuel Macron says: “We are prepared for Coronavirus”

While speaking to the press on March 10, the French President Emmanuel Macron said that "We are monitoring the Coronavirus closely, and we are...
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Japan issued an arrest warrant against Nissan's ex-boss wife Carole Ghosn

The Prosecutors in Japan have said that “they have obtained an arrest warrant against Carole Ghosn, wife of Nissan ex-boss Carlos Ghosn.” In a statement,...

Google agrees to pay $1 billion in tax settlement with France

US internet giant Google has agreed a settlement totaling 965 million euros (USD 1.07 billion) to end a tax dispute in France under an...

France to introduce eco-tax on outbound flights

France will introduce an eco-tax on airlines flying out of France, which is expected to raise around 180 million euros ($201.67 million) from 2020,...
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October 31, the new deadline given by EU to Theresa May on Brexit deal

European Union leaders gave Theresa May a new Brexit deadline of Oct. 31, four months longer than the prime minister asked for, in a...