Topics: Native Ads

Future of Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Cloud-native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) offers a complete security solution, and by helping security and DevOps teams to collaborate effectively, it aids in the...

Interview: “In-app advertising to be the next destination for advertisers,” says Arpit Jain, Founder of GreedyGame

In a conversation with TechGraph, GreedyGame's founder & CEO said, "There is no doubt that in-app advertising is going to be the next destination...

Interview: PivotRoots MD Shibu Shivanandan says, “Programmatic comes with the promise of transparency, efficiency and more balanced media buys outside of the duopoly

Sandeep Balani, India Head – OutBrain has recently caught up with Shibu Shivanandan, Founder & Managing Director of PivotRoots – a leading agency and...
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