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Started in Sept 2018, TechGraph is one of the fastest-growing news portal with over 500K+ Monthly readers.

TechGraph covers news and opinions on “Technology, Business, Gadgets, Finance, Trade, Cryptocurrency, Automobiles, Economy, General, and International news, and on the Internet from India, China, The US, and around the world.”

Our Philosophy

“At TechGraph, we believe that sharing the information is one of the best things which can be done for the majority of the internet consumers who like to read and gain knowledge on the topics readers love the most.”

Why Advertising on TechGraph makes sense?

Week wise pageviews — Sept 5, 2021 to Oct 03, 2021.
  • Everyday TechGraph reaches to 15,000+ news readers of who like to read the news on Technology, Economy, Business, Science, Space, Startups, Venture Funding, and Global Trade.
  • 53% of readers are of the age between 24-35, and has the global outreach readers network which dominates by 32% of our readers who comes from finance background.
  • TechGraph is a proud member of NewsDog Publisher Community, Association for Online PublicationGoogle NewsApple NewsBundle NewsFlipboard PublisherPR Newswire, and many more.
  • Two out of Ten trending news Google are break or covered first by TechGraph.

Our Services

Service offered by TechGraph is specially customized to meet your brand goals, and driven by the audience insight our global platforms afford us.

We are confident in our ability to utilize our trusted platforms to help you achieve your goals.

Our Products

TechGraph: [Covers latest news, interviews and analysis on technology, business, economy, startups and others].

TechGraph TV: TechGraph TV [TechGraph TV is a digital news video portal that publishes video news contents from across the globe on YouTube, Facebook Watch, Twitter & On TechGraph.]

TechGraph Briefings: TechGraph Briefings [TechGraph Briefings is an audio news service offered by TechGraph that publishes news and analysis on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google News Podcast and on other platforms.]

Undekhi Khushi: An initiative of TechGraph that works towards empowering NGOs and individuals who are working towards educating and healthcare services in adivasi and remote areas. As a part of the initiative TechGraph donates 30% of its revenue to support NGOs and individuals.

Note: Advertisement rates starts at Rs 0.20 Paisa (Per view) equivalent to $0.02 (Per View).

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