Wirecard and Cognigy: Ushering a new era of Conversational Commerce

The global leader of financial technology, Wirecard, along with Cognigy- the leading provider of conversational AI software solutions – have joined hands to revolutionize the digital payment landscape.

The tech giants are introducing chatbots that act as a virtual sales consultant for customers delving into e-commerce. This unique methodology not only streamlines the entire digital payment process but also allows customers to carry out a dialogue with the chatbot while making the payment.


As an added bonus, this integrated payment solution enables customers to pay via PayPal, iDeal, and credit cards, among others.

Admittedly, the AI-powered digital payment solution provided by Wirecard and Cognigy

has the potential to disrupt the e-commerce market in the impending years. While the tech world is replete with chatbots, its introduction in the payment spectrum is going to be instrumental. As per a recent survey, almost half of the customers across the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, and Columbia are more comfortable with virtual assistants while purchasing.

As an outcome of the increased customer interaction via AI chatbots, the overall shopping experience will go through a new makeover. Besides, it will allow organizations to gauge new methods of enhancing customer experience.


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