Mozilla wants Apple to make user tracking more difficult for advertisers on iPhone devices

Mozilla Corporation, a not-for-profit company behind the open source web browser Mozilla Firefox, wants Apple Inc to make users-tracking on iPhone devices more harder for advertisers to track the ads users click on, the videos users play or what type of apps the users install on the phones.

Ashley Boyd, Vice President of Advocacy for Mozilla, in its blog post on Tuesday wrote that “It’s like a salesperson following you from store to store while you shop and recording each thing you look at, Not very private at all.”

“The good news: You can turn this feature off. The bad news: Most people don’t know that feature even exists, let alone that they should turn it off. Moreover, we think that they shouldn’t have to,” Ashley added.

Talking more on this, Ashley said that “We are asking Apple to change the unique IDs for each iPhone every month. You will still get, but there’s a real cap that makes it harder for the companies to build a profile of our overtime.”