TechGraph launches new ads campaign for an advertiser

Even though many small and multinational businesses have been affected financially due to the pandemic, and the marketing budgets have been cut down to half. The rates for displaying ads on different news portals, newspapers, and television news media did not changed despite the adverse conditions. 

Understanding the situation and ongoing pandemic that has restricted many startups, businesses, and institutions from spending a big amount of their budget on marketing & advertising.

Today TechGraph has announced the new ads campaign named “AdsInYourBudget, – – Say no to over budget ads on news platforms” for advertisers and marketing agencies.

As a part of the campaign, Advertisers can acquire TechGraph’s complete ads bundle of TechGraph worth Rs 6 lakh per week for Rs 50,000 ($671) per month.

Advertisement Categories:

Paints, Bank, Finance & Investment, E-commerce, Automobile, Technology, Gadgets, Fintech, Stock trading, Electronic, Consumer, Insurance including others.

Rates (Complete Ads Package)Duration
Rs 50,000 ($671)One Month
Rs 90,000 ($1280)Two Months
Rs 1,30,000 ($1745)Four Months
Rs 2,00,000 ($2684)Six Months
Rs 3,10,000 ($4161) One Year

What included & their actual cost:


Billboard ads (worth Rs 80,000 per week)

Leaderboard ads (worth Rs 80,000 per week).

Standard ads x 2 (worth Rs 10,000 per week)

In-post ads (worth Rs 6,000 per week)

Standard ads in video news (Rs 7,000 per week).

Pre-roll ads in video news (Rs 50,000 per week).

Leaderboard ads in video news (Rs 60,000 per week).

For inquiries email at


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