Microsoft to merge Azure Stack with Azure Government by mid 2018

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In an effort to increase its influence in cloud business, Microsoft on Monday said that “it will be adding Azure Stack with Azure Government cloud by mid of this year,” which will allow the government agencies to run Azure cloud computing platform on their own private server while retaining access to Microsoft’s cloud services.

Adding Azure Stack extension with Azure government cloud, it will enable the  connections to Azure Government identity, subscription, registration, billing, backup/DR, and Azure Marketplace.

This service will also make it easier for the government clients to protect sensitive data, including classified information, that need to be kept in on-premise servers, and be compliant with data regulations.

Adding to this, Nick Michaelides, VP of U.S. Public Sector for Federal at Cisco said that “Cisco has a data center solutions in most government agencies, and as a part of our overall, multi-cloud strategy we are excited about our partnership with Microsoft to offer Azure Stack as converged infrastructure solutions for the government agencies.”

Where, Senior Vice President for Federal Sales at Dell EMC, Steve Harris said that “Dell EMC continues to work closely with government agencies and with the public sector, to help them to transform the way they work to benefit the people they serve”.

“With hybrid cloud being a key component to IT transformation, the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack offers a turnkey hybrid cloud solution that reduces risk and time to mission value,” He added.

The announcement for the extension to Azure Government comes a month after the Canalys new report on ‘Cloud infrastructure market 2017’, where the report stated that “In Q4 of 2017, the cloud infrastructure market has seen the boom of 46% y-o-y with the increased market of 16 billion dollars.

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