Facebook Mired in Controversy around Gender Biased Jobs


The social media giant Facebook is again mired in controversy in the US after the organization was alleged of giving employers the control to discriminate against women that are seeking jobs in Facebook.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) along with Outten & Golen LLP, an employment law firm, on Tuesday, dragged the social media giant alongside ten employers before the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (a federal agency that handles work-related discrimination and other civil right abuse), a report from Washington Post suggested.

“Sex-segregated job advertising has historically been used to shut women out of well-paying jobs and economic opportunities,” Galen Sherwin, an attorney with the ACLU Women’s Rights Project commented.

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“We can’t let gender-based ad targeting online give new life to a form of discrimination that should have been eradicated long ago,” Sherwin further argued.

With numerous lawsuit already troubling the organization, such news further tarnishes the image of the social media behemoth. It must now be seen how the top management deals with these accusations.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Editor of TechGraph

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