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CS:GO as a Leading Esport and Game

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Do you feel like being part of the CS:GO community? Then, you should try yourself in the CS:GO tournaments. You can join one of the teams, be a viewer, or become an esports bettor. Whichever way you choose, you won’t be able to ignore CS:GO tournaments.

In this article, you can find out the basic information about CS:GO tournaments. This knowledge will help you build a strategy to go through the maze more carefully.

The Structure of CS:GO Tournaments

CS:GO has a clearly-structured tournament circuit. Contrary to a Franchised league system with a single organizer, CS:GO hosts all the professional competitions by allowing anyone can to establish an event.

While the variety of organizers is exciting, it is harder to keep track of CS GO upcoming tournaments. All of these organizers are big enough to take responsibility for the CSGO Major, the world’s major championship for the game. They should be ready to prepare, team stickers, signatures, and a fantasy game for all parties involved in the tournament.

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In 2023, the fans of CS:GO consider different types of tournaments. Some of them include:

• Online tournaments
• Studio LAN tournaments
• Stadium LAN tournaments
• Major tournaments

The Most Reputable Tournament Organizers

While anyone has the potential right to organize CS:GO competitions, many companies try their luck in this regard. It’s worth mentioning a couple of significant players in the market.

The most experienced organizer is ESL, a German company founded in 2001. It has been responsible for the longest-standing events in esports. Its annual events in Katowice and Cologne have been viewed as CSGO Majors more than once.

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They are mainly known for organizing:
• Intel Extreme Masters
• ESL Pro League
• Intel Grand Slam

BLAST is a relatively new name for those following CS:GO. Considering its exceptional production standards, it manages the Premier competition, in both Spring and Fall seasons.

PGL doesn’t position itself as a regular CS:GO tournament organizer. It has worked behind the scenes, delivering production services for other tournaments. It doesn’t host regular CS:GO competitions. But Valve appreciates the company’s efforts by selecting them from time to time.

CS:GO Tournaments to Be Followed

How can you know which CS:GO event to join? Should you join all of them? Or should you pick the one and stick with it? This is something to be decided individually. There are online, offline, S-tier, and open qualifiers that happen on every particular day.

Over the last decade, CS:GO has come up with a solid schedule that allows you to pick the most appropriate option. So the year starts with the BLAST Premier Spring group stage. Most teams have undergone changes during the off-season, which creates the first opportunity to see the game in a year. Half of the 12 BLAST-partnered teams can qualify for the Spring Finals, with the others being transferred to the Showdown. It takes a short break before IEM Katowice, the first arena event of the year, officially starts.

After Katowice, ESL Pro League takes place. This tournament is a great chance for teams to resolve the final problems leading to the most important event.

The Major involves a number of qualifiers, where thousands of teams take a shot at making it to the event. In the end, 24 players remain immortalized within the game itself. The Major is usually followed by a classic post-Major shuffle. Teams that lost their chance to reach their strategic goals are on the lookout for signing free agents or scooping a player away from a competitor.

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At this point, you have to go through an instability period, with sudden names making deep runs in “smaller” tournaments. This is when the BLAST Spring Finals and a stand-alone IEM event take you into the summer break with more activity and final rosters settle.

Following the summer break, the same scheme is used again. The group stage of BLAST Premier Fall and a large event at IEM Cologne are then followed by the second season of the ESL Pro League. The BLAST Premier Finals are taking you straight into the Global Finals. As you can see, the scheme is quite simply giving you a chance to get involved in the world of CS:GO gaming and betting as deeply as possible.

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