Cube Wealth launches ‘Cube Coins’ reward-based program for users

Cube Wealth on Monday announced the launch of ‘Cube Coins’ a reward-based program for its users.

In a statement issued, Cube Wealth said, “This Cube Coins reward systems will run on the public Ethereum blockchain.” “As a part of the program the users can earn the coins through various ways like inviting other friends, playing investment games on the app, and through additional returns on Certain assets,” the statement said.

Speaking on the launch, Satyen Kothari, Founder & CEO of Cube Wealth said, “Our mission at Cube is to bring an unprecedented level of transparency in the world of wealth management. And to use the best technology available to make wealth creation scalable so it can go beyond the world of the ultra-wealthy and be accessible to the middle class.”

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“Most loyalty programs usually come with challenges like delays in crediting rewards, high management cost, non-standard/opaque methods of earning and using rewards. With this launch, we have solved for all of these in one go with the most transparent, technologically advanced system available,” he said.

“Our engineering team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible when technology meets the world of wealth management and this is yet another example of the same,” Kothari added.

With the launch of Cube Coins, the company has also announced the launch of its two premium subscription program like ‘Cube Prime’ and ‘Cube Plus’ for its users.


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