GODI Energy to install Lithium-ion Cell Gigafactor in India raises funds Blue Ashva Capital

Hyderabad-based energy technology company, GODI Media has raised an undisclosed amount from Blue Ashva Capital through its Blue Ashva Sampada Fund. 

“The funds raised will be utilized to set up first of its kind Supercapacitor and Lithium-Ion Cell manufacturing facilities in India and continue developing ground-breaking materials with unique cell chemistries, superiorly engineered batteries, and supercapacitor cells,” the statement said.

Speaking on the fundraise, Mahesh Godi, Founder & CEO of GODI Energy, said, “As India moves towards carbon neutrality and mass adoption of EV and ESS, it is crucial to becoming an energy-independent nation. We have bold aspirations to lead the charge in this energy revolution and this investment from Blue Ashva Capital is a major step in this direction.” 

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Commenting on the investment in GODI Energy, Satya Bansal, Founder, Blue Ashva Capital said, “A spree of EV startups today have either launched their vehicles or built a service layer on top. However, the key challenge remains the lack of control at the cell level. We are encouraged to see the work Godi Energy is doing on indigenous technology innovation in the battery cell technology space.”


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