SIAM: Auto sales across categories reports 13.83 percent decline in January


Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) on Monday reported a decline of 6.2 percent in January sales in domestic passenger vehicles.

According to the new data released, SIAM said, “It has recorded a 6.2 percent decline in domestic passenger vehicle sales at 2,62,714 units for January 2020, compared to 2,80,091 units in the same month last year.”

SIAM in its new data noted that “The car sales were down by 8.1 percent at 1,64,793 units compared to 1,79,34 units in the same month last year.”

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“Whereas, the combined sales of Motorcycle stood at 8,71,886 units witnessing a 15.17 percent decline in January sales, against 10,27,766 units in the same month a year ago,” the report added.

Quoting to the two-wheeler sales for January, SIAM said, “It has recorded a 16.06 percent dip in two-wheeler sales for the month at 13,41,005 units compared to 15,97,528 units in the same month last year.”

“The commercial vehicles sales also recorded the drop of 14.04 percent at 75,289 units,” it added.

Speaking on vehicle sales across the categories, SIAM said, “There was a decline of 13.83 percent to 17,39,975 units compared to 20,19,253 units for the same period in 2020.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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